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If you want to know more about me and the basis for my experiences, check out the "About Me" page! So welcome to this journey with me! I hope we have a spooktacular ride.

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Footsteps in the Hall

My mother was down to visit for a week and a half.  We live in Canada and she lives in Central Canada and I live in Atlantic Canada. We had gone out to breakfast without her, as family members from... Continue Reading →

Orbs – A Positive Experience

  I have been updating with some creepy stories, so here is a nice, short positive one. I was stressing out a bit and a glowing white orb manifested and encircled me before booking it out the door of my... Continue Reading →

A Weird Orb

So... can anyone tell me?  What the hell is that thing?   I couldn't find any pictures of it from anywhere, so this is my depiction of it from Photoshop.  I saw this orb-like thing outside in my backyard around... Continue Reading →

The Goblin

  Date: Unknown.  Fall/Winter 2016 Sometime (can't remember exact) Time: Middle of the Night Place: My Bedroom   Okay, time to share one of the most terrifying personal paranormal experiences of my entire life. Deep Breath.   I wasn't sleeping.... Continue Reading →

The Shadow Man – Doorways

  Weather: Sunny/Cloudy/Rainy Place: My house - both upstairs and down Time: Various   At the beginning of last week I told my husband that I felt something was off and that I believed that a presence had taken up... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry – November 22, 2016

Thought it might be one (or all?) of my spirit guides sending me a message that it was them I saw in my dream the night prior.

Journal Entry – November 21, 2016

blanket pulled from bed while we were sleeping, [husband] pulled it back over. There was a loud bang on the closet door and, like the scaredy-cat that I am, I got the hell out of dodge.

Journal Entry – September 4, 2016

The word "manifesting" came into my head. I stood up and it disappeared.

Journal Entry – September 4, 2016

Weather: Cloudy in morning, sunny in the afternoon Place: Work [actual place redacted] Time: Approx 10-11 AM Audio-visual cart rolled out from under counter at me (approximately 1 foot) while I was alone. This is a short one, which I... Continue Reading →

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