Date: February 18, 2017

Weather: Cold, but clear

I went to bed after my husband last night, as he went early because he needed to wake up early this morning.  I remained awake and downstairs on the computer, working on my blog.

I started to get an eerie feeling, not unusual with me – especially since moving into this house.  I heard someone/thing shuffling around in the family room beside the computer room and, more than once, looked over my shoulder toward the door because I was sure someone was standing in the doorway watching me.

After almost an hour of this, I decided to log off and just go to bed and read.

Once in my bed, I powered up an iPad and opened up my current book that I am reading.  Only then did I switch off my side-table light.  I felt quite uncomfortable still, but I hoped it would pass and curled up closer to my husband.

I felt so uncomfortable in the bedroom that I tossed and turned for the next half hour while reading.  It was during one of the times (read: the last time) that I was facing my husband, my back to the side of the bed, while I was reading that I felt something poke/scratch me right in the center of my back between my two shoulder blades.

I feel it must be noted that I sleep dead center in the middle of a queen size bed (due to fear of being pulled off the bed, but that is another story for another time).  My point being, there was nothing I was beside that could have possibly poked me.

It was so startling, I sat up immediately and turned on my side light.  It burned for a few seconds and then gradually faded.  I decided to keep my light on all night (not unusual for me when something like this happens).

What do you guys think about this entry?  I am torn between it being something ominous/dangerous and it being a spirit that just badly wanted me to acknowledge its presence.

Ever yours.