Picture originally from TheParanormal.Ca NOT the house I grew up in, but could be a twin (or close sibling lol)

I guess it is important to start at the beginning.

As outlined, briefly, in my “About Me” section I will tell you my start in the paranormal side of the universe. I want to preface by saying this: I don’t remember a time in my entire life that I did not believe in spirits/ghosts.

When I was five, my mother found out she was pregnant (surprise!) with my younger brother.  My parents decided to buy a bigger house, which ended up being the house directly beside the one we were currently renting.

The house my parents purchased was an old, early 1900s farmhouse.  They bought it from, as said before, our neighbour who sold it when her father died. We moved in shortly before my little brother was born (which was on my sixth birthday).  This is when my life with the paranormal began.

As long as I can remember, it was an accepted fact in my family that our house was haunted.  Not only was it haunted, but it was haunted by Old Andrew.  Andrew being the man who had lived in the house with his daughter and had died.  Strange things always happened in the house that I grew up in, so many that I will probably make multiple posts for various events.  It was so bad that my younger brother (who lived there until he was sixteen) would never, ever go into the house by himself.  Even if he had to wait outside in the cold for someone to come home.

Some of the things that would happen in the house continually are:

  • Knocking sounds/footsteps
  • Multiple different televisions over the years randomly changing channels
  • Sounds of furniture upstairs being moved around when no one was upstairs
  • Feeling as though someone was at the top of the stairs, staring at you
  • Massive discomfort/unease in the back room upstairs (where a man had been seen standing in the window by one of my younger cousins)

Aside from those, which happened almost daily, there were also numerous times that other, very strange things happened.

But, as said before, there has never been a time in my life that I have not believed in the paranormal.  My parents never told me to go to sleep, that it was my imagination. I have never thought that ghosts/spirits didn’t exist or were make-believe.

Over the years, more and more things have happened. I have had tons more experiences and have discovered that I may actually be sensitive to paranormal situations and perhaps maybe even have some sort of abilities.  The older I get, the more of the paranormal I seem to experience and see.

As an added fact, in 2016 after having a surge in paranormal experiences, I was discussing them with my mother.  It was at that point that I finally asked her how she knew that the ghost in our house was Old Andrew, as we had always called him.  That was when she told me that when we first moved in (when I was six) I had told them that there was a man who lived in the house with us and proceeded to describe who they knew as Andrew.

I find it important to note here: I had never seen Andrew.  When we lived next to him, he was completely bedridden and could not go outside.  My parents had met him a few times in order to bring over food or to help out, but they had never taken me inside.  I only knew his daughter, who was in her forties or fifties.

I don’t remember seeing Andrew as a ghost; but based on what I have experienced in the  years since it does not surprise me that, as a child, I may have seen a full bodied apparition.  But, I was surprised when my mother told me that I was the one who had identified our family ghost.

What do you guys think?  Did I have some sort of abilities when I was younger?  Was it just a childlike innocence that allowed me to see into the other side?  Is there a link between children growing up in haunted homes and continuing to experience the paranormal throughout their lives after that (something I have wondered for a long time after hearing many similar stories)?

Ever Yours,