August 22, 2016

Weather: Cloudy, scattered thunder, rainy, windy, super humid

Felt good all day.  Minor headaches, nothing major.  Barely thought about spiritual/paranormal stuff.  Asthma acting up after kids’ bedtime (7pm).

Around 10:30 PM, went to bedroom by myself.  [Husband] stayed downstairs and I felt okay.  Played with Snapchat filters.

Heard loud bang/knock in bathroom, followed by shuffling.  Thought it was [husband] so I called out to him, with no response.  Called out again, no response.

Started to feel weird, called [husband]’s cell phone.  He was in the pc room downstairs the whole time.  He came upstairs, I checked bathroom but nothing was there.

Also, while journalling (approx 10:40 PM) touches on writing arm, neck and hair.  Saw shadow shoot from left side of room (between door and closet) over to lamp and disappear.

Going to try to do guided light meditation before going to sleep (if I get my headphones).

⇑ As I was writing that, I heard a noise in the bathroom. [Husband] and I checked it out, checked whole house.  Seems like the string for the blinds had been pulled out, let go, and the sound was it knocking against the tub/wall (NO WIND).

What do you guys think?  We tried our best to de-bunk everything, but couldn’t figure out what possibly could have caused these things.  My husband is a computer programmer and super analytical and he couldn’t give me any ideas – especially for the blinds hitting the tub.

Ever yours.