September 3, 2016

  • Weather: Calm, Clear. 13ºC  (Approx. 55ºF)
  • Time: 10:00-10:30 PM (approx)
  • Place: Family Room downstairs, on couch
  • *Grounded myself earlier at the park

[Husband] went to bed early (9:45) and I continued watching DramaFever (as I had been for the last 2 hrs). Felt a puff/blow into my right ear.  I tried to debunk it with the heat pump, but I couldn’t achieve the same result and it hasn’t happened there before. Felt like someone blew into my ear.

Television started “fritzing”.  It turned green once, red another time and showed multi-coloured squares at the top.  This was a five minute(ish) span between.  Would change back when I said, “stop”. On the green screen when it changed back I saw a white light shoot out of the tv towards the fireplace.

During this time, the PS4 started randomly buffering/pausing the videos which would start up again right after I said a stern, “stop” each time.  PS4 happened four times.  To help debunk the timing, I was sure to say stop at varying intervals each time.

*May be a coincidence, but got a message that the PS4 controller battery died during all of this.

[My brother] dropped off our car (he borrowed) and walked me to my bedroom because he could see I was spooked.  This is why I go to bed with [my husband].

This isn’t anything new for me, experience-wise.  Honestly, me and technology, we have a love-hate relationship.  Also, it seems like one of the favourite ways paranormal stuff likes to mess with me.  What do you all think?  Weird coincidental tech glitches or spirit messing around?

Ever yours.