Weather: Cloudy in morning, sunny in the afternoon

Place: Work [actual place redacted]

Time: Approx 10-11 AM

Audio-visual cart rolled out from under counter at me (approximately 1 foot) while I was alone.

This is a short one, which I feel needs to be expanded upon a bit.  Where I work, we have an audio-visual cart for movies/cds.  I was working the counter by myself for about an hour and, it is important to say, that no one touched the cart recently.  It is on four wheels, but I am careful to put it in so the wheels are turned and it won’t slide out.

Could be a coincidence, could be something.  Who knows?  It went quite far though, more than I would have thought if it had just rolled a little from being on the wheels – it looked like it was pushed.

Ever yours.