Weather: Cloudy/overcast

Place: couch in family room

Time: 9:30-10:30 PM

Didn’t sleep well last two nights due to nightmares ([husband] as well). Could chalk it up to anxiety due to [daughter] starting school.

Tonight (at the aforementioned time) the PC room door was shut while I karaoked on my phone.  Saw a black blob in front of the pc room door.  Hair stood up on my arms and felt an electrical current. The word “manifesting” came into my head.  I stood up and it disappeared.  I opened the door, since [husband] was in the PC room.

Other than that, I have been seeing small energy balls on and off for the psat few days shooting around: yellow, black & white.

I didn’t recall this until I pulled it up and started typing it from my journal.  What does everyone think was going on?  What was that black blob?

Ever yours.