I haven’t been keeping this [journal] up, but stuff has been happening in the last two months (ish).  Bullet form:

  • October: blanket pulled from bed while we were sleeping, [husband] pulled it back over*
  • Mid November: Eerie feeling, something was watching/going to happen.  I ignored it.  Something fell in closet in my closet when I got into bed. [Husband] checked, shirt with hanger still attached was laying on floor.  Blackish orb came out of the closet and went around [husband] when he opened the closet door.
  • Various feelings/org (energy) sightings all around the house
*I will expand on this story and perhaps write it up at a later date.  It was actually quite terrifying.

I neglected my journal from September/October.  I did make small notes, but never any real journal entry until this one.

On the blanket, I will expand and talk about that one later.

The closet:  I was hanging out in bed, just reading on my iPad.  There was a loud bang on the closet door and, like the scaredy-cat that I am, I got the hell out of dodge.  I told my husband and he returned to the room with me.  He opened the door and checked the closet, finding that one of his shirts was on the floor, clothing hanger still attached to it.

The sound I heard was the clothes hanger hitting the door of the closet.  Neither of us could explain this as this is a small, walk-in closet.  There is at least two feet of space between the door and the hanging rods.

As for the orbs and feelings, that is pretty common for me during times when activity is up.

What do you guys think?  This wouldn’t be the first time I have had things thrown in our current home.

Ever yours.