shadow person


Weather: Sunny/Cloudy/Rainy

Place: My house – both upstairs and down

Time: Various


At the beginning of last week I told my husband that I felt something was off and that I believed that a presence had taken up residence in our home again.  I call them wanderers, they come and then they go.

I couldn’t sleep with my bedside light off, not because I was scared but mainly because I felt uncomfortable.  I ended up buying a night light.

I was proven right only a couple of days later.  I was sitting in the bathroom doing my makeup with the door open.  My husband was in our bedroom.  I “saw” him walk into our son’s bedroom.  I called out to him to grab the clothes that I had set our for our son on his bed… only for him to call out he was still in our bedroom and would grab them in a minute.

Except I saw someone clearly walk into my son’s room.  My husband, of course, investigated and no one was there.

Weird.  But maybe I was seeing things.

Four days later, I saw the same thing downstairs.  I was at the entryway of my home and I clearly saw a tall, black figure walk into our downstairs bathroom.

I had to leave shortly after that for an errand with my brother, leaving my kids sleeping upstairs (it was approximate 11:30 PM) and my husband downstairs in the PC room.  When I came back, my husband (one of the biggest skeptics I know) told me he was feeling very uncomfortable.  The whole time we were gone he was hearing noises come from the bathroom I had seen the “man” walk into.  He was spooked.

My brother slept over that night, he had been planning on it anyway.  He slept downstairs on our couch in the family room.  Around 2:30 PM the next day he texted me when I was coming home from an errand saying he had also seen the shadow-man!

Straight on.  Not even out of the corner of his eye.  Brazenly right in front of him, walking through the door of our computer room.

I was excited!  I mean, not that there is a presence in my house that needs to vacate, but because my brother had seen it and my husband had felt it; thus, validating the experience.

Two nights later, I was using the toilet in the bathroom downstairs and the pocket door that leads to our laundry area started shaking.  It shook me up, but once I calmed down I shook it off.

I haven’t seen him or sensed him since then, but it has only been a couple of days.

What do you think he is?  A Shadow Person or just a regular wandering ghost?  Why do you think we are only seeing him in and around doorways??

I get so much stuff that I usually just wait for it to pass.

Ever yours.