Date: Unknown.  Fall/Winter 2016 Sometime (can’t remember exact)

Time: Middle of the Night

Place: My Bedroom


Okay, time to share one of the most terrifying personal paranormal experiences of my entire life.

Deep Breath.


I wasn’t sleeping.  I want to put that out there.  I am a night owl and am up most hours of the night reading, for the most part.  My light was out as I was reading either off of my iPad or using a book light, I can’t remember right now.  But it was late, the light was out and I was awake.

I got a really sick feeling.  You know the feeling, like your throat just dropped into the bottom of your stomach.  I looked up from my book to look around my room, since this isn’t an unusual feeling for me when something… not quite right was about to happen.

Except this time it was anything but my normal paranormal experiences.

At the end of my bed there was a head poking up from the bottom.  Dark eyes, long ears and a wide smile that reached from ear to ear.  I swear to God, it was there.  I was so startled I couldn’t do anything but look at it.  It was so, so clear.  Like the clearest thing I have ever seen that was supernatural.  I could clearly make out all of the features of this… thing.

When our eyes met it just looked at me for a second and then slowly crouched down so that it was hidden by the end of my mattress and disappeared from view.

I was so scared that there were tears in my eyes.

I quickly turned on my side-lamp but I was way too frightened to look at the end of my bed and potentially see that thing crouched there.  So, I curled up tight to my husband in the middle of the bed and ended up falling asleep after about an hour of absolute terror.

The only way, looking back, that I could think to describe the thing was a Goblin.

What do you guys think?  Have you ever encountered anything like this before? I haven’t seen it since and I am so happy for that.

Ever yours.